Call Michelle

Michelle Veronique Bialous

Michelle born June 19 – 2016
Michelle Veronique “Vero” born at 1:15 am in Mandaue city, Cebu
Weight: 3,190 gr / 7 lbs | Tall: 49 cm
Meaning of Michelle = Gift from God (my parents agree)
Meaning of Veronique = Honest
My Sign’s: Zodiac = Gemini The Twins | Chinese Zodiac = Monkey
Happy Parents: Karl & Mary
Sister in SE: Tez
Relatives in SE: Many… 🙂
Godfather: Ninong Ruben
Godmothers: Mommy Ninang Elizabeth, Ninang Wilchie and Ninang Jovey


Designed Townhouse and Lot in Cebu, Cordova, Philippines.

Cordova is a great area for both local and newcomers as a residential area.